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City of Spencer Historical Sketch

     When the Unassigned Lands opened in Oklahoma on April 22, 1889, a variety of homesteaders staked claims in an area adjoining the North Canadian River in Eastern Oklahoma county known as the Nine Mile Flat. It stretched across three townships, Springer, Hartzell, and Crutcho, and was the fertile river bottom where the River had deposited black loam for centuries.

Almost as soon as it became apparent that Oklahoma Station, soon to become Oklahoma City, was the key location in the newly opened territory, it was recognized that the railroad link to the northeast connecting Oklahoma City with Sapulpa was crucial to the boomtown’s continuing success. The proposed route for the San Francisco Railroad closely followed the North Canadian River through most of Oklahoma County.

Louis P. Kramer arrived in Oklahoma Station from Indiana two days after the land opening with two boxcars of potatoes and was immediately struck by the unlimited opportunity the new territory offered. He quickly sold his potatoes, bought land and some lumber, and built the first hotel in Oklahoma Station naming it the Hotel Weaver in honor of the first paying guest, a Col. Weaver from Kansas. Mr. Kramer returned to Indiana, sold all his considerable holdings and returned to the territory where he became a partner in the first cotton gin built in Oklahoma Station, served on the Board of Directors for one of the first banks in the City, and dealt in real estate.

Louis Kramer recognized that the locale of what was to become the town of Spencer offered all the key ingredients for a successful town site: the proposed San Francisco Railroad nudged up against the North Canadian River at the base of the high eastern river bank. The River could provide power for the town as well as a cotton gin, and with a railroad station between the two facilities the agricultural bounty of the Nine Mile Flat could be quickly shipped to ready markets. Once again, Mr. Kramer solicited those he knew in Indiana for financial and personal investment. The land was purchased and platted as a town in 1902 by the North Canadian Power Company, and since the key participants came from Spencer County , Indiana, the town was named Spencer.

Although the first train station, Munger, was about a half mile north and east from the site Louis Kramer had selected, he used his business contacts to persuade the railroad decision makers to relocate the station and the post office to his preferred site, and on February 25, 1903 the Spencer Post Office opened for the first time.



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